THE AMERICAN EMPIRE: Mirel Goldenberg On Obama’s legacy

0323_Obama_Oil_630x420-620x413Presidents, generals, warlords, popes, kings…are judged not by intentions but by results.

Elected to correct the mistakes of the moronic Bush. Obama added his own mistakes and if his exit will be today, the world is even in a poorer shape that on Bush illuminated period. Iraq in a lost war, Afghanistan too, Libya in turmoil, Jordan in danger, Syria in civil war, Egypt in economic crisis, Yemen is lost, a religious war started with Saudi coalition bombing Shia positions, Iran that is taking over large parts of the Arab world with an atomic bomb in his teeth..
Some of this are bad luck; Napoleon was always asking before promoting an officer if he has good luck. Some are the results of Obama foreign policy: the stupid recognition and enthusiasm of the “Arab Spring”, the sustain of the Muslim Brotherhood, the alienation of the Allies (Israel, Egypt, Saudi), the rapprochement of Iran.
In Israel Obama is perceived by the public opinion from Left and Right wings alike as the most hostile president of the USA in the last decades. He’ll remain in the history by the nonsense Nobel Prize for Peace received for doing nothing, as a disastrous president for the universal role of USA in the world , as the creator of a (good or bad ) medicare system and as the First Black president. In the Middle East he will be remember by Muslims and Jews alike as the Great Destabilizer of the Region and he will be remembered in their prayers and wishes. For myself I may say to him the old yiddish wish: “May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground and your feet in the air!” grin emoticon

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