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BREAKING NEWS: White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough Says the Israeli Occupation ‘Must End’

This … the picture and the headline, are the outcomes of Netanyahu’s stupidity. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told a crowd of 3,000 attendees at a J street gathering,  that “an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end, and the Palestinian people must have t[...]

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How conservative is Ted Cruz?

He’s more conservative than any GOP nominee ever, or recent Republican candidate, even farther to the right than Barry Goldwater and Michelle Bachmann, according to this ranking from pollster Nate Silver. (Click on image to enlarge.) And that, along with the fact even many of his own part[...]

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Trumping Ted

Brilliant TV Star, Real Estate Mogul  and owner of the world’s best hair,  Donald Trump cast doubt Monday on whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) can run for president “He was born in Canada. If you know and when we all studied our history lessons, you are supposed to be born in this countr[...]

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Presidential candidate Ted Cruz forgot to register

Which is pretty obvious if you click on It doesn’t really matter, because Cruz has no chance of winning. (Being Canadian-born, is he even eligible to be president?) Meanwhile, California Gov. Jerry Brown called him a liar and unfit for public office.[...]

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Supreme Court tackles free speech on vanity license plates

Is a license plate design a state action or personal speech? This question is at the heart of a dispute that the U.S. Supreme Court will begin considering today in a case arising from Texas, where a state board nixed a specialty license plate design (photo to left) sought by the Sons of Confederate[...]

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Worst Ted Talk Ever?

Students at Liberty University students were required to attend Ted Cruz’s campaign announcement as part of their thrice-weekly Convocation.[...]

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Maybe we could give Arizona to Jews Fleeing Bibi’s Israel?

Mirel Goldenberg wrote a very depressing view of Israel under Netanyahu. Mirel is painting the future of Israel as a modern Sparta. This is the Israel warned of by Yitzhak Rabin, an Israel that chooses to define itself by war rather than peace.   Bibi’s Israel would be a bitter state, not unlik[...]