Was last night’s Wal-Mart melee a domestic terrorism attack?

Around midnight last night, a group of people entered a Walmart store in Arizona and assaulted a female store employee, then attacked police in the parking lot when the officers arrived. One suspect was killed, another wounded, and all eight responding police officers suffered minor injuries, along with a store security employee who suffered a broken arm.

News media aren’t reporting much else about the incident yet, except authorities said the suspects are members of a family and had Idaho tags on their car. Which has me wondering, because although news media are calling this fracas a “family brawl,” Idaho is known to harbor more than its quota of Neo-Nazis and other rightwing extremists (e.g., sovereign citizens) of the sort who attack cops.

26E5BF6600000578-3006617-image-a-43_1427046787650This isn’t the first incident at this store. In October, this store was evacuated after a man described as “middle aged and very angry” repeatedly phoned in bomb threats. No bomb was found in that incident.

Photo: The aftermath of last night’s combat at an Arizona Walmart store.

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