Ferguson residents prepare for a recall campaign against mayor

Several Ferguson residents have taken the first step toward beginning a signature drive to force a recall vote to remove white mayor James Knowles from office. “The five residents delivered letters to the mayor and City Council members Friday, image.adapt.990.high.knowles1.1419354710968asking that Knowles resign over his failure to ‘rein in an out-of-control police department during the protests following Mike Brown’s death,’ CBS News reported. ‘We cannot describe how disgusted we are with you,’ read the letter.”

Photo: Mayor James Knowles presided over one of America’s most racist city governments. Why doesn’t he just resign?

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    I’m from Missouri, I can tell you why de doesn’t resign…He KNOWS =HIS FUTURE IN CITY GOVENRMENT IS OVER. He also knows that he will have to try and get a real hob. OOOOUCH>>>>> hang on as long as he can.