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Actually, Ferguson has a library …


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How greedily did Ferguson suck cash from its poor black residents?

Using 2013 population and budget figures, I come up with nearly $160 per person, annually. For a family of 4 consisting of 2 parents and 2 children, this would amount to $640 of their annual income going to the city in the form of fines and forfeitures — not counting municipal taxes and fees. [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is this?

A. A fossil dinosaur egg B. An African ‘xbecca egg C. A clod from the excavation of Africa’s first city D. A rock in a gold mine E. A potato from Uganda[...]

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Is the UW Part of Seattle?

​Mayor Murry was a UW employee before being elected. His position in community outreach became a campaign issue because some accused him of serving as a UW lobbyist while also being a State Senator.   Unfortunately, while Murry s now our Mayor, it seems like we have little else to do with our[...]

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Polls Show Netanyahu Behind!

As the Zionist Union is outpolling Netanyahu’s coalition of Republican inspired conservatives and religious Israeli Jews allied with American evangelicals, party leaders lay opposing Netayahu outline their economic and social agenda as Israelis, like Americans are faced with a widening wealth [...]

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BREAKING NEWS — Shots Fired At Ferguson Protest; 2 Cops Wounded

CBS News reports 2 St. Louis County police officers were shot, one in the face, the other in the leg, while working crowd control at protests outside the Ferguson Police Department Wednesday night. This is not what we want, folks. This doesn’t help the cause of municipal reform in Ferguson, or[...]