Ferguson police chief resigns

The triumvirate is gone. The three people most responsible for turning the City of Ferguson into a racketeering syndicate — municipal judge Ron Brockmeyer, city manager John Shaw, and police chief Tom Jackson — have been ousted. So has Mary Ann Twitty, the city’s racist court clerk. There is more work to do. No doubt many of Ferguson’s cops need to find other employment. The city’s black population needs to be registered to vote. ferguson-police-chief-thomas-jacksonThe white mayor and city council of this predominantly black city, however well-intentioned they may be, are not representative of the community and should be replaced by elected officials who are — democracy demands no less than a new city government that represents the governed. And taking measure of the egregious harms done to countless victimized citizens, there really should be prosecutions and people going to prison.

Photo: Tom Jackson, ex-police chief.

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