Ferguson’s city manager is fired

Ferguson city manager John Shaw, 39, was fired by the Ferguson city council tonight. A news release said Shaw’s departure is “effective immediately,” the Seattle Times reported. Shaw issued a statement claiming he “never instructed the police department to target African Americans, nor falsify charges to administer fines, nor heap abuses on the backs of the poor. Any inferences of that kind from the report are simply false.” But he was the city official with authority to hire personnel and establish city, municipal court, and police department policies. And that could mean his departure is a prelude to the police chief’s replacement. In fact, I’d guess that’s certain. john-shawShaw was homegrown talent; he grew up in the area, graduated from a local college, and lived in Ferguson before working for the city. Apparently he just wasn’t all that talented. During his eight years in the job, Ferguson became one of the most corrupt and racist cities in Ameria.

Photo: Ex-Ferguson city manager John Shaw. Too young and dumb for the job?

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