Is this the first bit of MH370 debris?

It’s not much, just an unopened premoistened towelette packet. But it has “Malaysian Airlines” printed on it, and it was found on a beach in western Australia last summer a few months after the missing Boeing 777 is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean, just a few feet from where waves lap ashore. 267B08AC00000578-2987078-The_plane_is_thought_to_have_crashed_in_the_southern_Indian_Ocea-a-23_1425939449189Of course, it’s always possible that someone dropped it there, perhaps as a prank. But what are the odds of that? And if not a hoax, how else might it have gotten there? (Source: Daily Mail and New York Daily News)


Photos: A similar towelette packet used in a TV station’s reenactment of the discovery; the beach where it was found. If you gaze westward toward the water from there, it’s likely that MH370’s final resting place is out there over the horizon.



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