Eric Holder is useless

gty_eric_holder_tk_130514_wgI don’t disagree with conservatives about everything. They think Eric Holder sucks, and so do I, albeit for different reasons. My reasons:

1. Holder, as a flunky assistant attorney general, crafted what became the DOJ’s policy of allowing crooked bankers to avoid prosecution by having their banks pay huge fines. (The bankers still get their bonuses; the government gets billions — almost $100 billion and counting; the banks’ innocent shareholders get the shaft.) It’s all about the money, you see, and to hell with making sure crime doesn’t pay (we all know it does; that’s why some people keep doing it). Knowing this will help you understand #3 below.

2. Holder’s “forfeiture reform,” announced last month, is empty window dressing. It turns out that less than 1% of forfeitures under the former federal-state-municipal cooperation policy will be precluded by the new policy, and the effect on abusive forfeitures is negligible.

3. Holder’s softball response to the appalling abuses in Ferguson:  “Holder said that the Department of Justice would work with Ferguson and other communities in the area to ‘reform their law enforcement practices and establish a public safety effort that protects and serves all members of the community.'” Work with them? Is he kidding? Sue the bastards! But no, the people responsible for the abuses will be left in charge to “reform their law enforcement practices,” and Holder will seek negotiated consent decrees, not federal court orders.

Photo: Eric Holder, worst attorney general since Alberto Gonzalez

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