Whites don’t riot, they party!

october-20-2014-over-the-weekend-in-new-hampshire-a-massive-riot-broke-out-at-a-pumpkin-festival-the-incident-is-being-inveFrom a CNN, Nov. 20, 2014:

“In mid-October, during the annual Pumpkin Festival in the small New England town of Keene, New Hampshire, some white college kids apparently had too much to drink and turned violent.

“They were hurling broken glass and rocks at police (as well 26-white-riot.w1200.h630as, apparently, pumpkins). At least a dozen people were arrested and 30 injured, with 20 taken to area hospitals. The troublemakers seemed to revel in the chaos and damage they caused, with one telling a local newspaper, ‘It’s just like a rush. You’re revolting from the cops. It’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do.’

“‘It demeans Ferguson and St. Louis to compare them to Pumpkin Fest,’ Professor Donna Murch of Rutgers University told CNN. Which is true – and makes the contrast between how society perceives black and white behavior all the more striking. B0UZA4DCMAE_QrMeR3y1ct

“The protesters in Ferguson were airing legitimate grievances through mostly peaceful means and yet were denigrated, while the rioters in Keene were merely part of a party that ‘spun out of control’ — never mind that those in Keene were reportedly drunk and dangerous and disproportionately violent. …

“Just days after the Pumpkin Fest, riots erupted in the largely white town of Morgantown, West Virginia. Why? Because West Virginia University’s team beat Baylor at football. The rioters ‘lit fires, pushed over street lights and threw rocks, beer bottles and other items at police,’ reported the local news. Police and fire vehicles were damaged. Eight people were arrested.

32d884f594b361b5c5ff1b4b069ea00f862df702_preview“Were the riot police, the National Guard, or a state of emergency declared? No, the city is just considering a law to ban upholstered furniture from outdoor areas, since the ‘tradition’ of setting fire to couches apparently fueled the protests. Could you imagine a news story about a black community with a ‘tradition’ of burning couches? The media would be pointing out how they’re ‘destroying their own community’ and the right would make assertions about black people not deserving public assistance.”

pumpkinfestdudeee-480x640Photos: Pumpkin Fest, all in good clean fun! (But you couldn’t blame the black guy for thinking, “White folks sure are pigs!”)soxfann4381_2014-Oct-20

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