Radical Republicans: Violence Against Hindus.

conservative-republican-brainTHEY WORSHIP COWS!

(based on material from the Hindu) Last Tuesday, back over Washington’s Eastern border, the Idaho Senate was opened by a Hindu prayer in Sanskrit and English.  Society of Hinduism president Rajan Zed gave the prayer after being invited by Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill.

Four Republican Senators walked out.  Senator Steve Vick walked out of the Senate saying that that Hindu prayers should not be allowed because the U.S. was “built on the Judeo-Christian, not only religion, but work ethic, and I don’t want to see that undermined.” Hindus “have a caste system,” he added. “They worship cows.” Senator Sheryl Nuxoll said she boycotted Mr. Zed’s prayer because she believed the United States is a Christian nation and “Hindu is a false faith with false gods,” according to the newspaper.

The Statesman quoted Mr. Zed as saying of the protests: “We don’t mind. Hinduism is more embracing.”

Idaho borders Washington State, where two Hindu temples were vandalised last month. The second attack occurred the same week that an influential Christian fundamentalist preacher, Pat Robertson, said on his TV show that Hindu prayer “sounds like gibberish.”

A former candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, he had earlier called Hinduism “demonic.”

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    I don’t think Republicans are discriminating against Hindus. They want to kill everyone who isn’t exactly like them, including plenty of Christians who happen to hold liberal beliefs and vote for Democrats.

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