BUCHENWALD 66: as the 70th anniversary approaches

We are now less than a month from the 70th anniversary of my father entering Buchenwald to give medical care. 

That should be joyous event, a good thing in the face of horror .. a chance to honor him for his courage and kindness to the ill.

One of my goals has been to celebrate my Dad’s story .. what should be a happy  story with the survivors … I want to share his writings and pictures not just with the inmates like Elie Wiesel but with the surviving the American soldiers who entered the camp to liberate the inmates.

I would hope that their reaction might be like that of the two musicians in this band.  Saul Dreier, 89,  a Krakow native who plays the drums, survived Mauthausen and Reuwen “Ruby” Sosnowicz, who plays the keyboard and accordion, survived Warsaw and went into hiding after escaping the Warsaw Ghetto.

“When we heard music, it made us alive,” said Sosnowicz of his wartime experiences. The two also note that their music reminds other Jewish seniors of their childhoods.

Maybe this wonderful video clip will help share this feeling with my brother and sister, and get them to stop the destruction of his valuable heritage.

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