Governor Jay Insley has proposed a $15 billion transportation package.  The package, as usual, is vehemently opposed by Tim Eyman who argued that passage of  the new taxes to support the package should  require a 2/3 vote by a majority.

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen ruled against Eyman.  He ruled that a vote on the a state gas tax increase (expected later this week) WILL NOT  require a two-thirds majority vote.

Eyman’s reaction,  “By opening the floodgates to higher taxes, today’s decision simply pours gasoline on the fire for the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative. It vividly and dramatically illustrates why Initiative 1366 is necessary. Taxpayers clearly need and deserve permanent protection from higher taxes. Five times the voters have approved the 2/3 protection. Almost 2/3 of voters support the 2/3! 17 other states already have in their state Constitutions a supermajority vote requirement for tax increases. Let’s make Washington state #18. Because of today’s decision, we will redouble our efforts to raise the funds and collect the signatures necessary to ensure our initiative’s success.”

The vote would raise our tax from 55.9 cents per gallon to 67.9 cents per gallon the third highest in the US.  If the increase were to be applied Monday, the average price for a gallon of regular in Washington would go from $2.72 per gallon (6th highest in the nation) to $2.83 per gallon (3rd highest).



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