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Minorities in Israel

Where would you like to go to school … in Gaza or the Negev ? How many non-Jews know that many Bedouin do not consider themselves Arabs?  This is because Bedouin people have usualy been treated as outsiders, poor peasant cousins.  Improving things for the Bedouin is a major task for Israel.[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

a. Symbol for the Falkland Islands pound b. Letter in the Polish alphabet c. Mathematical symbol for a LePLace function d. C orporate logo for new Lenovo cell phones e. First letter of Korean alphabet[...]

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92% of Saudis believe that ‘Islamic State conforms to the values of Islam and Islamic law’ – Poll

Buck Wheat says: August 26, 2014 at 10:31 pm Anyone ever wonder why the second most modern air force in the entire middle east has not flew a single mission against ISIS, the Saudi’s are scared to death their pilots will turn around and bomb them. Only the US Navy is flying strike missions against[...]

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FACEBOOK: Is Torture Justified?

This thread began with a post from The Ave on Giuliani’s bizarre attack on Obama.  The comment thread expanded to a very thoughtful discussion of torture and of the US commitment to Israel.  Mirel Goldenberg Stephen Schwartz. How you obtain information from a detained fanatic terrorist? How [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this Black man?

A. Barack Obama’s maternal great, great, great grandfather B. First African American Governor of Texas in the Reconstruction C. First major author of African descent D. Inventor of the steam engine E. Author of  Boris Godunov and great grandson of slave[...]

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Jewish Dreams


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Art by Mirel


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BREAKING NEWS: Republicans Defund Homeland Security

TEA PARTY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ISIS! A House Republican effort to punt on Department of Homeland Security funding failed on the floor Friday by  203 to 224. The Republican leadership had predicted they had the votes to get a three-week continuing resolution through. Fifty-two Republicans voted agai[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Gang style murder of Russian opposition politician, Putin to investigate.

The leader of the political opposition to Vladimir Putin, Boris Nemtsov was shot dead by assailants in a passing car.  Nemtsov had been Putin’s sharpest critic … going after the Russian leader for corruption and the war in Ukraine. “Boris Nemtsov, a leader of Russia’s opposi[...]