Scott Walker denies comparing labor protesters to ISIS

Which, of course, means he did. You don’t have to take my word for it; here’s the video clip of him doing it:

He certainly did. But afterward, CNN reports, “Walker told reporters he wasn’t making a direct comparison.” Of course he wasn’t. He made an oblique one.

In other words, if you and 99,999 other union supporters go to the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, to express your opposition to Gov. Walker’s and the Republican legislature’s virulently anti-union policies and legislation, he’ll deal with you the same way he’ll deal with terrorists if he becomes president.

Even though you’re on public property, what you’re doing is perfectly legal, and you’re exercising your constitutional rights of assembly and free speech.

I dunno if I want this guy in charge of our armed forces. He might not be able to tell the difference between Democrats and jihadists. Then he might do something like this to our homes, businesses, and farms — instead of Cliven Bundy’s ranch:

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