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How Did Israel Build an H Bomb?

SPUTNICK NEWS CLAIMS: The US assisted Israel in developing the hydrogen bomb, according to a declassified report by the US Department of Defense.  The move violated international laws the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act enacted in 1978 which codified the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty the US signed[...]

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Is the U.S. heading for a recession?

Doesn’t look like it, so the GOP has to find some other issue for 2016. Benghazi? Measles? $2.50 gas? Maybe they’ll pillory her just for being Bill’s wife. [...]

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Book recounts gruesome 1922 Texas lynching

History is important for what we learn from it. How many people know of this incident today, which occurred 93 years ago, now that all the eyewitnesses are gone? From one account: “On May 4th, 1922, after the last full day of school in Kirven, Texas, 17-year-old Eula Ausley was taken from her [...]

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This man wants to build memorials to America’s lynching victims

Among states, Louisiana was the epicenter of America’s dark era of lynchings; but more people were lynched in Phillips County, Arkansas, than in any other American county. The Deep South’s lynching body count is mapped here. Lynchings were employed as a form of social control to keep bla[...]

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Radical Republicans: Debunking Rightwing Monetary Myths

Most Americans, if they’re at all religious, should get on their knees and thank God that rightwingers didn’t run America’s economic policy in the aftermath of the financial crisis and near-depression which their policies helped cause. Although our economy isn’t exactly glitt[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Netanyahu is Endangering Israel, Shutting The Jewish State Out of Negotiations with Iran!

Netanyahu and Boehner’s Misuse of Congress Is Hurting US-Israel Effort to Find Peace. UPDATE: Because Netanyahu has  taken his politics to Congress, the US will not be able to brief Israel  on the talks with Iran. In addition, Obama’s National Security Advisor is cutting off contacts with [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Is Leschi a Saint in The Christian Heven?

Riddle me this .. is Leschi Eligible for Sainthood? Sainthood, according to Christians, is awarded by their God to those who lead valiant lives on the service of God’s will. The founding Governor of our state, Isaac Stephens, wrote in his diary that he knew that putting the indigenes of this l[...]

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Why Israel is Necessary

Reuters/REUTERS – Yemeni Jews demonstrate demanding the resumption of government financial and food aid to Jewish families living in the capital city outside the Cabinet office in Sanaa in this March 10, 2009 …more  file photo. A few worried families are all that remain of Yemen’s an[...]

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 ‘We’re in Disarray’: An Interview With Spike Lee By Sam Fragoso The newly minted Professor discusses  his new movie, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.[...]

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Croatia Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Croatia’s p resident, shows what up tight, narrow minded, self righteous hypocritical prigs we have in this country. The Hot Croatian President Who Has Everyone Talking Tuko News ☛ The Croatian president has Kenyans on social media talking. See why (photos).[...]