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Anniversary of Oregon Statehood

Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia When Oregon was granted statehood in 1859, it was the only state in the Union admitted with a constitution that forbade black people from living, working, or owning property there. It was illegal for black people even to move to the state…|By M[...]

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UPDATE: Netanyahue is Endangering Israel! Tell Your Representatives to Boycott His Misuse of Congress

Netanyahu and Boehner’s Misuse of Congress Is Hurting US-Israel Effortt to Find Peace. UPDATE: Because Netanyahu has  taken his politics to Congress, the US will not be able to brief Israel  on the talks with Iran. In addition, Obama’s National Security Advisor is rumored to have cut off c[...]

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THE AVE CHALLENGE: Where are these Valentine’s Day Hearts?

Where were these hearts found? Click image.[...]

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