Miscarriage is a crime in Guatamala

Daily Kos has been following this story. According to DK, at least 29 women are imprisoned in Guatemala for having miscarriages, and are serving 12 to 40 years. That country treats miscarriages as illegal abortion. Recently, its legislature denied a pardon to one of these women, who is 7 years into a 30-year sentence, by a 43-42 vote.

Here in America, we can’t directly control what the government of Guatemala does, but our State Department can (and should) object to these human rights violations. Our Congress can deny that country our foreign aid. And there are other ways Americans can make their displeasure known, such as boycotting goods from Guatemala.Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_1.57.52_PM

Photo: Many of the women jailed in Guatemala for having miscarriages are just teenagers. Some are facing near-life sentences.

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