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Alabama cops paralyze man for being from India, having dark skin, and not speaking English

  An Alabama police department today fired and arrested a cop who severely injured a man from India who was simply walking in the neighborhood and had committed no crime. Sureshbhai Patel, 57, visiting his son in Alabama, was taking a walk last week when he was stopped and frisked by police inv[...]

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Scott Walker’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ fable blows up in his face

Stumping in Iowa recently, GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker told a story about the seniority system imposed on Wisconsin’s public schools by the evil teachers union resulted in Wisconsin’s 2010 Teacher of the Year being laid off. It’s a lie. The teacher didn’t get laid o[...]

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Montana’s new female dress code

Yoga pants are banned, but guns will still be okay.[...]

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Republicans expand tactic for suppressing votes to food stamps

First you take away their right to vote, then you let ’em starve. That’s how Republicans like to treat America’s poor (read: black) people. Photo ID laws have been so successful at keeping the poor, elderly, and minorities from voting that the GOP now wants to impose similar requi[...]

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He’ll have to pry my yoga pants off my cold dead buns

Republicans think everybody should have guns, but a Montana legislator aims to make wearing yoga pants — which he considers “indecent” — in public a crime. I don’t know about you, but if this jerk comes for my yoga pants, he’ll have to kill me and take them off my[...]

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Be glad you don’t live in Arizona

This is who runs their legislature …[...]

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Miscarriage is a crime in Guatamala

Daily Kos has been following this story. According to DK, at least 29 women are imprisoned in Guatemala for having miscarriages, and are serving 12 to 40 years. That country treats miscarriages as illegal abortion. Recently, its legislature denied a pardon to one of these women, who is 7 years into [...]

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Oregon woman sues cops over videotaping police

“A cell phone video is driving a federal lawsuit in Oregon where a Portland woman is suing the city. Carrie Medina says police took her phone after she used it to record and broadcast the arrest of a man two years ago, reports CBS News.“ You can go on YouTube and find dozens of videos [&[...]

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FBI director refuses to acknowledge America has a cop problem

America’s top cop had an opportunity to say America needs police reform. He blew it. Instead, he defended racist cops and killer cops. “FBI Director James Comey used a speech at Georgetown University on Thursday to comment on the contentious debate over race and criminal justice in Ameri[...]

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HYPOCRISY: Iraqi Style

Iraq – Bids Over Rope That Hung Saddam Hussein Reach $7 Million Iraq – A bidding war was sparked after the rope that ended the life of Saddam Hussein was put on auction, London based al-Arabi al-Jadeed newspaper… Read More »[...]