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What kind of asshole wears a t-shirt like this?

For that matter, what kind of jerk-off company sells it? Urban Outfitters, that’s who. A company that thrives on ginning up controversy; you can read their rap sheet here.  A company whose billionaire founder is a big rightwing fan of Rick Santorum. If you’re interested, you can read ab[...]

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Liberal Hypocrisy: Why would a gay couple WANT a cake from these Christians?

Bakery risks large fine for anti-gay discrimination A Portland-area bakery discriminated against a same-sex couple who wanted to purchase a wedding cake, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries announced Monday.[...]

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Russia: Daily Show Interviews Gorbachev, Asks If He would Be Able to Rebuild the Berlin Wall?


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Slur of the Day: Some P words from the Brits

Paddy (Primarily UK) an Irishman.[142] derived from a nickname for Pádraig. Often derogatory; however, Lord Edward FitzGerald, a major leader of the United Irishmen of 1798, proclaimed himself proudly “a Paddy and no more” and stated that “he desired no other title than this”[...]

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THE Ave Challenge

A. Freedom, Texas B. Olympia, Washington C. Charleston, South Carolina D. Győr, Hungary E. Donetsk, Ukraine[...]

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Jeb Bush campaign fires staffer for sexist tweets

A GOP operative has left Jeb Bush’s campaign staff after getting caught making racist and misogynist rants on Twitter. Photo: Ethan Czahor, who referred to women as “sluts” in his tweets, is out of a job. I’ll bet he doesn’t have a date for Saturday night, either.[...]

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Russia announces military exercises with North Korea.

 Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are becoming BFFs  [...]

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Boehner demands Democrats pass GOP immigration bill

Speaker John Boehner told Senate Democrats to “get off their ass” and pass a House bill that defunds President Obama’s executive orders on immigration. Boehner, as you know, spent several years obstructing the president and the Democratic Senate. I suspect Minority Leader Harry Rei[...]

February 11th, 2015 - 11:02 am § in Religion

Muslim family slain in N. Carolina

An angry white man is in jail awaiting arraignment on murder charges following the execution-style slayings of a Muslim couple and the wife’s sister in a North Carolina college town last night. Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, turned himself in to police after allegedly shooting Deah Shaddy Barakat, [...]

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Iran Wins Bush’s War: Tehran and Baghdad Have Agreed To Iran Training the Iraqui Army.

 Iran’s Brigadier Gen. Hossein Valivand has announced that Iran will assume responsibility for training the largely Shia forces fighting against ISIS under the flag of the US created Iraqui Republic. A Pentagon official told The Daily Beast that the department was unaware of Iran’s announ[...]