Lawsuit challenges Ferguson’s debtor prison

The corrupt city government of Ferguson, Missouri, ruthlessly exploits its poor black residents by having its police write them tickets for everything from not mowing their grass to crossing a street or failing to use a turn signal. Then, its municipal judges impose hefty fines — on top of fines — on those who can’t pay the fines. Finally, it completes the extortion cycle by jailing those who don’t pay.

The Founding Fathers explicitly outlawed debtor’s prisons. Now, a St. Louis-area legal aid group that represents the poor and homeless has filed a lawsuit against the city of Ferguson and neighboring municipalities challenging their use of imprisonment to enforce abusive fines.

This is not about reasonable enforcement of reasonable laws. To understand just how exploitive and abusive Ferguson’s corrupt city government really is, read this simple fact: “In 2013, the municipal court in Ferguson — a city of 21,135 people — issued 32,975 arrest warrants for nonviolent offenses, mostly driving violations.” That’s not tickets, that’s arrest warrants — more than 1.5 arrest warrants per resident in one year!

Ferguson is not a city of criminals. It’s a city with a criminal government.Roger-Rabbit-icon1

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  1. 1

    JOPLIN Missouri will put St.Louis County to shame. It is the number one industry. Most of the city servicdes are completed by indentured servants to safe cost of city government, you pay to use jail labor to politicians, IT’S A HUGE HUGE SCAM.. You guys are just barely scratching the surface.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    It’s actually a two-way scam: America’s corrupt “justice” targets the poor and lets the rich walk, as described in this book:

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