I’m an American and a Jew and a supporter of Israel. Bibi does NOT speak for me!



Click the logo to add your name to a petition to Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador in Washington, to inform his boss that Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t speak for you.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said  he’s coming to Washington “not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people.” 

Netanyahu is in the middle of a tough election campaign, battling along with leaders of Israel’s other parties for the right to represent Israelis.   That is something we are all proud of … Israel is a democracy!

Unfortunately, Netanyahu is waging that campaign not in Israel but by improperly having his ambassador to the US, a former political operative of the US Republican Party, arrange a campaign speech before the US Congress.  Whatever the Republican Party wants, this is a move to divide American Jewish support for Israel.  It is a shanda.

This is the US.  As Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu has access to many, many avenues for free speech.  He certainly has the right to speak, as he claims, in opposition to any agreement with Iran over that country’s nuclear weapons.  Speaking to the American people is fair.  However, Bibi is not an American and ought not to address the US Congress as if he represented American Jews.

No former Israeli Prime Minister and no member of any other Israeli party has ever had the arrogance, this chutzpah, to use the United State Congress as a platform for a campaign speech.  THIS IS WRONG.


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  1. Joe Mabel #

    You seem to be missing a link to the petition. Here is one to this effect; I’m not sure if it is the one you had in mind.

  2. theaveeditor #

    The link is in the image!

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