Former Israeli Spy Chief Calls Out Netanyahu

PM is nothing like his role model, says Efraim…

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  1. Anonymous #

    I agree with this article and I think everyone should proceed very cautiously. The hate Israel is experiencing is real. Also fear is very profitable. What if we tried to up the ante going the other way? Act to protect yes…but also acted to forgive and help and heal? I see no other possible way out except total destruction if we don’t at least try.

  2. Anonymous #

    I was extremely shocked to hear that President Obama’s election team is going to Israel to help with the elections, we can well imagine the security nightmare…plus the radical right is selling the message that President Obama is a Radical Muslim himself…this makes no sense, they want to cut of his head too…so many conspiracies…so much hatred, but what most people want is peace. PEACE. No wars, the opportunity to spend all the wasted capital on rebuilding, schools, education, health care, real opportunity…yes a peaceful world, end poverty for the poorest, use the capital to end human suffering. What would Israel look like if every waking moment was not spent worrying about its neighbors?

  3. theaveeditor #

    I think your comment is confusing. US political consultants are in Israel .. nothng new. They also appeared in elections in England, Germany and ???. These are hired guns who go where they get paid AND where their politics are consistent. Nothing sinister.

    I actualy do not thin most fols ever want peace ..they want personal welfare … that si why so kany Germans allowed the radicals .. their do what they did. The same is true in Muslim countries and here too.

    Netanahu is, fro what I read,m afflicted with an acute need for personal glory.

  4. theaveeditor #

    I believe Peace is possible but nt under Netanyahu.

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