Key West cops still deny fault after city’s insurer pays death claim

A healthy man dies after being arrested, and the city’s insurer pays the family $900,000, but Key West police still insist their cops did nothing wrong.

Charles Eimer, 61, was pulled over for a traffic infraction. He initially complied, but then took off in his vehicle and led police on a low-speed chase lasting a few minutes. When finally cornered, he surrendered and complied with police commands to lay on the ground, which happened to be a sandy beach. Officers then piled on, and lying face down, he either suffocated in the sand or suffered cardiac arrest from being tased. He was taken off life support a week later.

The police lied about what happened during the arrest. They said Eimers ran from them — one cop even claimed Eimers fought with the police — and then collapsed. But a bystander’s video blew that story apart. The police also denied tasing Eimers, but another eyewitness says they did, and then rolled him over and began chest compressions. Medics then transported him to a hospital.

But Eimers’ family wasn’t notified until 4 days later. Their explanation? “CBS reported that the detective who was responsible for notifying the family used the excuse that it was unnecessary because the patient ‘hadn’t died yet.’ ” Nice.

Then the cops tried to destroy key evidence — the body.  When Eimers died, “the police hurriedly shipped his body off to a funeral home and asked for it to be cremated. This was not only against police protocol but also against the law, and was done behind the backs of the surviving family members.” But a state investigation found no wrongdoing, and a grand jury declined to indict anyone. Key West’s citizens’ review board has asked the FBI to investigate the incident for possible civil rights violations.

Meanwhile, the police chief criticized the settlement paid by the city’s liability insurer. “It’s a difficult decision for us to accept,” Key West Police Chief Donie Lee said in a statement. “We firmly contend that we did not use excessive force or cause the death of Mr. Eimers. This was a business decision by the insurance carrier.”

I have a different take. I think some of America’s police, including Chief Lee and those of his officers involved in Charles Eimers’ death and the subsequent attempted coverup, lack a moral compass and are out of control.

Video: Charles Eimers surrenders to Key West cops


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    Just left Florida a year ago. Made the mistake of moving there and buying a retirement trailer in a 55+ community.

    Lost my trailer (threw out for having a pet)I owned and paid for, The attorney who owned the mobile home parked I leased a lot in was given the TRAILER BY HIS FRIEND THE JUDGE WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OR EVEN A ACTUAL HEARING. I was amazed.

    Found out a cold hard fact…IF YOU ARE NOT FROM FLORIDA BORN AND RAISED….YOU ARE PREY PLAIN AND SIMPLE. No rules…no laws protect you. The system, attorneys, judges and cops are the worst predators down there. Had to go…..lost everything…..but got away alive. Yoda007 AAAAAyyyyeeee Mais non.

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