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Key West cops still deny fault after city’s insurer pays death claim

A healthy man dies after being arrested, and the city’s insurer pays the family $900,000, but Key West police still insist their cops did nothing wrong. Charles Eimer, 61, was pulled over for a traffic infraction. He initially complied, but then took off in his vehicle and led police on a low-[...]

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Bully cop arrests public defender for representing her client

A San Francisco cop who is already a defendant in a federal civil rights lawsuit — filed against him by a black cop who was racially profiled and arrested while off duty — arrested and handcuffed a public defender in court Tuesday for refusing to allow him to violate her client’s c[...]

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Vicious hockey fan who harassed Native American kids will face criminal charges

The 57 Native American grade-school kids from South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation earned a special trip to a hockey game as a reward for their classroom achievements. Some redneck asshole who thought he was being funny by taunting them with racial slurs and spraying beer on them has been ID&[...]

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This is funny, but not quite fair

An Oregon gay couple who bought the “” domain name in 2008 don’t intend to give it up. They plan to use it for a website about LGBT issues. This is maliciously funny, in an ironic way, of course; but I honestly think people shouldn’t be allowed to do th[...]

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GOP insiders quietly admit their party has nothing to replace Obamacare

If the Supreme Court guts Obamacare this term, Republicans have nothing to replace it. This is hardly shocking as the GOP did nothing about America’s escalating health care crisis during their 30 years in power that began with Reagan’s election in 1980. And GOP electeds are loathe to adm[...]

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Pre$ident Rmoney bows out of 2016

Mitt Romney is out. (Probably couldn’t get Koch money.) There won’t be a Pre$ident Romney in 2017. Not that there would’ve been anyway. Photo: Das ist kaput.[...]

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FACEBOOK: Countdown to Superbowl

 Steve Silver ·I’ve been holding back with my Super Bowl prediction for as long as I could, so here it is. I’m not worried about Belicheck or the New England Patriots. The Tom Brady the Seahawks will be facing, isn’t the same Tom Brady from 10 years ago or even 3 years ago. He[...]

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Netanyahu Fumbles Badly

While polls in Israel show Netanyahu losing ground, the Whitehouse has added to the fire: “It’s an alliance that shouldn’t be turned into a relationship between two political parties. “This is more important than partisan politics. This is about the foundation of an alliance that reflects ou[...]

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Waiting For Easter