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PHOTOGRAPHY: End of an era

Sports Illustrated lays off last remaining staff photographers sports-photography  Jan 23, 2015 at 20:04 On the eve of the Super Bowl, legendary US-based sports publication ‘Sports Illustrated’ has laid off its remaining six full-time staff photographers. According to Sports Illustrated[...]

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Superbowl Countdown: Ball boy confesses

Richard Sherman says NFL won’t punish Pats because Goodell and Kraft are friends Pats blame their ball boy confirming  Richard Sherman’s charge that the NFL commissioner and the owner of the Patriots  are in cahoots. “Will they be punished? Probably not. Not as long as Roger Goo[...]

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Saudis Make Michelle Disappear

Saudi TV of the Obamas at the funeral of King Abdullah. Apparently the Saudi public was not ready for the image of a woman with hair uncovered?[...]

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Maybe We should cry over the dream?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s kids fight over his ‘millions’ worth bible, Nobel prize Washington, Jan 13 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s children are fighting to get their hands on his tattered personal Bible and Nobel Peace Prize, which reportedly are worth millions of dollars. [...]

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He couldn’t do a minimum-wage job

Last week a Republican congressman who was born to wealth and has never held a real job demeaned the worth of low-wage workers, and asserted the GOP does them a favor by blocking a federal minimum wage increase, because that keeps them employable. For details, see my previous article: This clueless [...]

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Is ‘American Sniper’ just kitsch, or Clint Eastwood’s cry of anguish?

While I think Michael Moore’s misguided “coward” remark about military snipers was a disservice to our military people, the movie itself is fair game for thoughtful criticism. This is what Chris Hedges, a prominent journalist and author, said about it: “’American SniperR[...]

January 27th, 2015 - 4:04 pm § in Hypocrisy

BUCHENWALD 63: Honoring My Father on Holocaust Memorial Day. Tags!

Help me honor a Jewish hero. This is the sixty third entry in a series I have written about my father’s  amazing photographs taken inside Buchenwald.  I am posting this to Facebook and would greatly appreciate any support or ideas about how to get these materials into the public domain. It i[...]

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The Mormon Church made an offer today that LGBT people should refuse. A CBS News headline reads, “Mormon leaders vow support for gay rights — with conditions.” They should refuse because human rights are unconditional. The CBS News report says, “The church is promising to sup[...]

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THE Ave Challenge

Which if the following identify this actress A. French B. Greek C. Jewish D. African American E. Native American[...]

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