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I’ve finally found a frivolous lawsuit!

After years of diligently searching, I’ve finally found a frivolous lawsuit that Republicans can use to prove our tort system is out of control! “A Cowboys fan  in Colorado has filed a near $89 billion lawsuit against the NFL for overturning a Dez Bryant catch in the NFC playoffs, CB[...]

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Fraternities trash Michigan resorts

Three fraternities from the University of Michigan vandalized two ski resorts in northern Michigan over the weekend. Police escorted the students off the property, but no criminal charges have been filed. The university and the frats’ national organizations are investigating; presumably the lo[...]

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Eating Brownies Yet?

Last January, to help you all make brownies, I did the research so you could figure out how to get going growing your own weed.  One thing I did not know if the WA POT SHOPS would sell seeds. Did you do it? Here is what I said …..  start by getting  an Aerogarden. At $100 they […][...]

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Billionaire wags finger at America’s middle class “lifestyle expectations”

Billionaire Jeff Greene, who made his fortune from real estate and fraudulent mortgage securities, told a reporter at this week’s Davos, Switzerland, economic summit that “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, b[...]

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3 Southern States Hijack MLK Day To Honor Robert E. Lee

In a slap at Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement three former Confederate states — Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi — have turned the federal holiday of MLK Day into state holidays jointly honoring the birthdays of Dr. King and Confederate General Robert E. Lee, milita[...]

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Florida vigilante assumes Second Amendment is only for whites

White guy in Walmart sees black guy packing gun. So he heroically tackles the black guy and puts him in a chokehold while waiting for sheriff’s deputies to arrive. Three other white guys also pitched in to help Michael Foster, 43, subdue Clarence Daniels, 62. One little problem: Daniels wasn&#[...]