NYPD union boss in denial after poll gives him 17% approval rating

“Just days after a poll was released showing that Pat Lynch, spokesperson for the largest police union in New York City, has a 17 percent approval rating, he has hilariously backed off the central tenet of his demands from Mayor de Blasio—an apology—claiming it was never really what he was looking for in the first place. Just one week ago, he so fiercely demanded an apology that his supporters in the NYPD literally got into physical fights with other officers over it.”

This guy might have a future as a politician. He already sounds like a congressman: When you say something that goes over like a lead balloon, deny you ever said it, or claim you were misunderstood, or that it was taken out of context, and what you really meant was (insert revised content).

Photo: Pat Lynch (Getty Images)


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