In Pennsylvania, ‘No Trespassing’ means ‘cops may enter’

When I read this story, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and you won’t either.

A guy is at home, typing on his computer, when a state trooper strolls in uninvited. “He began peppering me with questions, asking if I lived there, for example, and for me to identify myself.”

Huh? “I did venture a very polite question, basically, why are you here and why didn’t you knock? The police officer then informed me that he had probable cause to enter my house, because I had posted a No Trespassing sign … in his experience, that usually meant that the house was in bank foreclosure.”

Kinda gives “No Trespassing” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Who would imagine that posting a No Trespassing sign constitutes a waiver your constitutional rights?

America’s police are out of control. Barracks Shoot_Cham(7)640092414

Would you want this Pennsylvania state trooper walking into your bedroom unannounced whenever he pleases?

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