THE Ave Scene: For 1 cent, WASTATE lost out on a great attraction.

USS Ranger featured in ‘Top Gun’ set to be dismantled for single penny

USS Ranger featured in 'Top Gun' set to be dismantled for single penny Imagine this on the Seattle Waterfront as an attraction? 

Aircraft carrier, USS Ranger, which featured in the movie ‘ Top Gun ‘, will be dismantled for single penny in Brownsville, Texas.  Officials were hoping that the supercarrier could be turned into a museum in the Pacific Northwest, but without any takers, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) will now scrap it, the Washington Times reported.

Imagine the carrier deck as a downtown park!

Somebody  ought to talk to James Corner!

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    You’ve got to be kidding. If you want to see an aircraft carrier drive to Everett or take a ferry to Bremerton. This thing is a hulk. An extremely bulky one that takes up a lot of space, both physical and visual; it would make Seattle’s waterfront look like a naval junkyard. How do you turn an aircraft carrier into a park? Install planter boxes, benches, and totem poles on the deck? What would you do with the hangar decks? Use them for baby stroller races? How about the crew quarters, reactor room, and weapons storage bays for bombs, missiles, and nuclear weapons? Turn them into hotel rooms? With fine dining in the ex-enlisted mess? C’mon. This thing was built for fighting wars, not a floating park. Now that it’s no longer useful for that, it’s scrap metal. You get what you pay for. It was worth billions new; but now, a penny is what it’s worth, because it will cost millions to dismantle.

  2. Mario Negri #

    Yeh .. lets make the Seattle waterfront what it once was .. a place to meet working girls and buy drugs!

  3. Daniel Smith #

    Geez .. WTF are they going to do down there? This Croner guy wants it to look like Disneyland or some Midwest tribute to the burghers. I expect to it mimic the squeekly clean chain environment …like the Westlake Mall or the so sad Food Circus.

    Roger has NO imagination .. he is just a wabbit.

  4. Charly the Tuna #

    Come on Wabbit.
    These ships have awesome potential. The flight deck would make a great public park with views of downtown, the Olympics and the harbor ,, nothing like it anywhere else in the world!
    as for the hangers .. can you sell M_U_S_E_U_M(s). Seattle’s museum spaces are pitiful SAM lives in a building suited for JC Penney. MOMA takes up space that could have been a great waterfront museum.

    Hell .. you could eve3n expand Pike Place Market downthere.

    Unless Mr. Bunny is afraid of a WARship?

  5. Roger Rabbit #

    Then use the money to improve SAM, MOMA, and Pike Place Market. If we can’t afford to properly keep up the cultural facilities we already have, how can we possibly afford to convert an aircraft carrier into a costly cultural facility?

  6. Roger Rabbit #

    You say I have no imagination. Just to prove I do, here’s an idea. Scrap Bertha, shitcan the tunnel idea, buy the Ranger for a penny, and use it as a replacement for the viaduct. When climate change causes the sea level to rise 300 feet, Highway 99 won’t be underwater, you’ll have a floating bridge.

  7. Charly the Tuna #

    Oh come on! MORE yax money for the third rate Seattle Art Museum. What WOULD you do with it? Build yet another ugly as hell building in down town Seattle next to the corporate donors? O how about another sales gallery on public land to promote the Wright family’s favored glass artist/showman?

    As for MOHAI, that is a different tissue. It was moved from its very nice building by the freeway so rich folks from Hunts Point could drive into Seattle to see their Seahawks and eat at spensive restaurants.

    The rich folks did not give a damn about MOHAI cuz it is mostly an attic for Seattle’s meagre history. Not much reason to brag. So, yeh, moving it into the Ranger might have made sense.

    GO HAWKS!!!

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