So, if the Israelis Do It, Shouldn’t We?

An gay Israeli couple with their son, Feb. 15, 2013. So, Israel tweaks its ID cards

So the Republicans made a big deal about everybody needing an identity card in order to vote. The Democrats, probably correctly, saw this is an effort to cut a few more votes off from the totals Democrats get from poor people… People who may not be able to afford a car probably vote Democratic!

At the same time we’re hearing a great deal about immigration reform. The president is threatening to do it on his own. The Republicans don’t want it unless it comes with deportation of anybody likely to become a Democrat.

I smell a compromise!

Everybody should agree that illegals … the proper name for the people Democrats call “undocumenteds”… should not be able to get jobs. The last Republican to run for president, Mitt Romney… was all for “self deportation!” So… why not take the initiative!

When Mr. Obama uses executive action to defer deportation of illegals, he should demand that the Republican Congress issue every American an identity card. No card no job.

This will tear the both parties apart from within. Of course the libertarians, a.k.a the Tea Party, will howl the national identity cards are a step toward a fascist state! The liberals (that’s what we still call the Democrats) will be afraid this is an effort by the NSA to limit some sort of freedom.

Everybody can just turn to the Israelis!.



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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    You’re confused. The Republican version is, “No job, no card.” In other words, if you’re a “taker” you don’t deserve to vote. They don’t like the “one man, one vote” rule, either. First, they want to repeal suffrage; giving women the vote created a lot more Democrats and endless trouble at home. Second, they believe people’s votes should count in proportion to how much property they own. Thus, Bill Gates would get 100 billion votes, and you would get … whatever. Finally, they want to carve up California into 7 states, because as things stand now, California has only 2 Senators and they’re both Democrats. So let’s pack all the Democrats into the new State of San Francisco and give them those Senators. The GOP will get the 12 new Senators.

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