Radical Republicans: in WASTATE

I-594 outlaws private gun sales in the state by requiring “universal background checks.” Under the new law, it is not legal to even lend a gun to a friend without going through a background check, except in cases where the friend needs the gun because of an imminent threat against his or her life.

Among the gun totin citizens who insist they have the right to bring guns into the capitol building were Pam Roach (R-Auburn), the President Pro Temp of the State Senate. Ms. Roach has been known to threaten fellow legislators on the Senate floor.  She gave a speech at the rally of self proclaimed patriots, “Hey, don’t tread on us.” 

Her fellow Repugnants had a lot to say, including their intent to disobey the law. 

State Representative Matt Shea (R-4th Dist.) said, “We will not comply.”  He asked  “w … sheriffs and prosecutors not to comply as well.”

State Representative Liz Pike (R-Camas) warned that I-594 is simply the “tip of the iceberg” concerning gun control, that the initiative is part of a larger push from people who want to “control and confiscate” guns.

Here is the proclamation these elected representatives endorsed:

The Day Patriots Took the WA State Capitol

On January 15th, armed patriots showed up to the legislature gallery, uncompromising and with resolve. The tyrants ran from their duties.

Later behind the citizens’ backs, the Lt. Gov. decreed by executive fiat that armed citizens were no longer allowed to open carry firearms in the legislature. Neither he, nor Speaker pro tem Jim Moeller have the authority to deny us our rights in our own Capitol.

We call upon the Governor of Washington to uphold his oath and respect our unalienable rights. Bold Liberty and The Patriots Stand are teaming up to stand on February 7 and demand that Jim Moeller step down, and our rights be recognized.

We will NOT comply.

We stand.

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