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Qualifications To Be A Republican

Former Rep. Alan Grayson points out that every single elected Republican member of the last Congress was white and Christian. (For the record, 3 black Republicans, 2 representatives and 1 senator, were electe[...]

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1 Cop, 2 Years, 2 Bodies

If the same cop kills two unarmed citizens in two years, maybe something is wrong with the cop? Billings, Montana, police officer Grant Morrison killed James Shaw on January 7, 2013, and killed Richard Ramirez on April 14, 2014. Both incidents occurred during routine traffic stops. Neither victim wa[...]

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GOP Senator’s financial advice to single moms: Get married

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), stealing a riff from the execrable Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI), has this advice for single working mothers: Find a man. What do you want to bet this pair also votes against food stamps and a higher minimum wage? Given the general quality of men out there (see, e.g., white mal[...]

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Will Israel Be The Next Saudi Arabia?

It could happen. The world is accustomed to thinking of Israel as an unlucky oilless Middle Eastern country. So when I stumbled across an off-hand reference in Barrons magazine to Israel’s “huge” fracking potential, the implication that Israel might become an oil and gas superpowe[...]

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Memories of The South

  I was born on a sharecropping farm in Missouri in 1950 and share cropper mothers were still working while pregnant and carrying the baby to the fields.      [...]

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Repugnant Republicans

When the next Congress convened this month,  Glenn Grothman arrived as a first term representative for  Wisconsn. The 59-year-old Tea Party firebrand has called for the elimination of the African American-themed holiday Kwanzaa—which he says should be treated with “contempt”—and the Martin[...]

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Radical Republicans: Attack on the General Accounting Office

Why the House GOP wants a new accountant (MSNBC Steve Benin) Imagine your family puts together a budget. Once you and your loved ones have made financial plans for various expenses and long-term needs, you show it to your family accountant to see if you’re on the right track. The accountant, much [...]

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George Zimmerman Arrested Again

George Zimmerman was arrested in Florida last night for aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon. No details available, but I’m guessing he shoved a gun in his girlfriend’s face again. She refused to press charges the last time he did that.[...]

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Humor: Mathematical Analysis of Football

From: The Florida-Times-Union Why can’t football be a college major? It always seemed disingenuous to me to make standout college athletes declare some major they’ll likely never practice in reality. The truth is, the top players in college football are recruited because they can play football. [...]