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Shoreline schools locked down because of man with rifle

Schools in Shoreline, Washington, were locked down this morning, and students were sent home, because a camouflage-clad man with a rifle who was seen near Meridian Park Elementary School made threats against the school. Parents were called to pick up their students, who were not allowed to walk home[...]

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Bomb rattles Colorado NAACP office

A homemade bomb rattled windows and shook objects off walls, but didn’t hurt anyone and caused only minimal damage, at the NAACP’s Colorado Springs office this morning. FBI agents and local police are seeking a “person of interest” described as “a white, balding man ab[...]

January 7th, 2015 - 2:55 pm § in America

NYT editorial blasts rebel cops

It isn’t just me who thinks New York City’s rebellious cops are out of line. Yesterday, the New York Times unloaded on them in a blistering editorial that labeled their behavior as “sullen insubordination” and called it “deplorable.” Although NYC’s mayor an[...]

January 7th, 2015 - 12:44 pm § in The Ave Scene

Open letter to Mr. Ted Howard Principal at Garfield High School.

 Dear Ted:We are now at another impasse on allowing The March and Rally at Garfield High School. I am not going to go over what has happened in the past but it is important for you to understand where we are now and where African Americans in Martin Luther King County should be going in […][...]

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Who is a Jew?


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The ‘secret Jews’ of Ethiopia emerge from the shadows

For thousands of years, the Bal Ej practiced Judaism in secret – now they are reemerging, and they want to come home to Israel. ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM[...]

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A Funny Ad

Here is the link.[...]

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RACISM: an answer

From FACEBOOK black racist:  I believe that the so-called blacks(African American slaves), native Americans, and Latinos with Mayan decent make up the TWELVE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL. The people over there in Israel ARE NOT THE REAL “JEWS” but are converts to Judaism who’s lineage go[...]