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China: The Ugly Imperialist

  Chinese tourists treat Tibetans ‘like zoo animals’ Tourists trample prayer flags …   … and stand atop painted prayer stones. These are gestures of intense disrespect in Asia, where feet are considered dirty and crude.   A woman in Tibetan dress prostrates in pra[...]

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The Cops


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Another police union goes ballistic against anti-racism protests

Pittsburgh’s police union is outraged because their chief posed with a protester’s anti-racism sign (see photo). Union president Howard McQuillan told the media, “The chief is calling us racists. He believes the Pittsburgh Police Department is racist. This has angered a lot of officer[...]

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BLACK RACISM on Facebook

A Response to a comment on Face Book.  After Charlie James posted a piece that asserted that Moses and Jesus were “Black,” corrected this and then had the displeasure of an onslaught of racism .. black racism. Charlie You know how much I admire you for your life long efforts at fightin[...]

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England may be in the same shape as Russia. Is North Dakota next?

UK oil industry ‘close to collapse’ as price plunges below $60 per barrel Britain’s oil industry is in a “crisis” and may be “close to collapse,” a senior oil industry expert has said, as the UK’s biggest oil and gas companies continue to…[...]

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The Senate’s 46 Democrats got 20 million more votes than its 54 Republicans

VOX 33 US senators elected in November will be sworn in today by Vice President Joe Biden — including 12 who are new to the chamber. The class includes 22 Republicans and 11 Democrats, a big reason why the GOP has a 54-46 majority in the Senate overall. But here’s a crazy fact: those 46 [&he[...]

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KEYSTONE XL .. the mythic new jobs

Dwight Burke on Facebook:  “A Journal called “Penn Oil News ” reports that the Canadian company involved with the construction will be using Canadian Subs for at least the major portion of construction. “Oil and Gas Journal” is reporting that the steel pipe, pressuriza[...]

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Being Jewish and Black

Michael Twitty,  a Jewish African-American culinary historian,  endured humiliating treatment at Ben-Gurion Airport. (abstracted from Haaretz, with additions) Michael Twitty is an Orthodox Jew who teaches Hebrew in Jewish schools in the United States.  He is a lso a convert and the editor of the[...]