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Black woman’s death in police custody ruled a homicide

“The manner of death of a woman who died in Cleveland police custody has been ruled a homicide. … Tanisha Anderson died Nov. 12 … in the custody of officers while having a mental-health episode. Relatives say the 37-year-old was schizophrenic and claim an officer used excessive [...]

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2015 Stock Market Prediction

Traditionally, newspapers and other publications have run contests that involve guessing where the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, or “Dow”) will end up next Dec. 31. The winner usually gets a free subscription, or something like that. I’ve been entering a national financial pu[...]

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Radical Republicans: Palin’s Kid Steps on her dog.

Wasilla AK – Facebook photos posted by Sarah Palin showing her son Trig using the family dog as a step stool unleashed online fury on Friday reminiscent of the public reaction to the disclosure that Mitt Romney had once driven with his dog strapped on the car’s roof. Trig, 6, who has Down Sy[...]

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The cops didn’t shoot this guy

This guy spit on a NYPD cop, but he wasn’t shot, choked, or tased. Instead, he was released on $5,000 bail even though he’s an Army deserter. Whit[...]

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Cop assaults NYC subway worker

“A hulking brute grabbed a 28-year-old MTA employee up in a bear hug at a Bronx train station, shoved her onto the platform and began choking her in an unprovoked attack – then ran away smiling, authorities said Wednesday. The victim, who was on duty and in full uniform, was standing on[...]

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Slur of the Day

Sawney (England, archaic) a Scottish person, local variant of Sandy, short for “Alasdair”.[165][...]