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Today is my birthday but now I know that Europeans, my ancestors, have lost the art title

I am very upset.  As a cro magnon descendent I have been very proud our our cave paintings.  Now, however, scientists have  discovered beautiful hand stencils painted 40,00 years ago on the walls of an Indonesian cave.  The art had been found in the 1950s and thought to be  about 10,000 year[...]

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From Mirel Goldenberg

CLICK for more about this friend[...]

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US Healthcare

British woman who had baby 11 weeks early stranded in US with £130,000 medical bill British couple Katie Amos and Lee Johnston have been told by doctors they cannot fly back to Britain until March[...]

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Today is my Birthday

THANKS TO BILL MORSE THE Ave Art Editor                     but is this your idea of how to put 73 candles on one cake?[...]

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Fatah is 50 Years Old

Two years ago today Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas used the anniversary to promise 2013 would see the implementation of Palestinian independence. Where are we now?[...]

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