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“The Interview” = Idiocy Squared

By David Preston How bad was The Interview?¬†It was so bad that 10 seconds into the film I was already rooting for the North Koreans. And I never stopped rooting for them until the bitter end. It’s not that I like those commie bastards, mind you. It’s simply that the Americans were such¬[...]

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Egypt bans ‘historically inaccurate’ Exodus movie

“Ridley Scott’s biblical film Exodus: Gods and Kings¬†reportedly faces a ban in Egypt, where the country’s top censor called it historically inaccurate.¬†In comments to reporters,¬†the head of the Egyptian state censorship board, Abdul Sattar Fathi, said the $140 million retelling [...]

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Radical Republicans: will the GOP keep a felon as a Congressman?

Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty To Felony Tax Fraud Grimm, who represents Staten Island, initially pleaded not guilty, calling the charges a “political witch hunt” and vowing to fight “tooth and nail” to prove his innocence. Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse on Tu[...]

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You were expecting what for Christmas?


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Surprise .. THE INTERVIEW is Funny!

THE INTERVIEW Went to the tiny Ark Lodge theater last night down on Rainier.¬† Think this may have been the Ark’s biggest ever crowd, the theater crew was unctuous..saying how glad we came! I went with a new friend, Davis Preston. I think David is more adult than I, he seemed to find it unfunn[...]

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“We had a policeman responding to a call, protecting the residents of the city of Berkeley,”

Black Mayor Defends White Police Officer Who Shot Teen Near Ferguson   Berkeley, Missouri Mayor Theodore Hoskins, who is black, in a press conference Wednesday defended a white police officer who fatally shot an armed teenager. Hoskins said he reviewed surveillance video of the shooting, which show[...]

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ISLAM: Death Sentence For Opposing Slavery

Mauritanian Journalist Sentenced To Death For ‘Insulting The Prophet’ ¬† ByKissimaDiaganaNOUAKCHOTT, Dec 25 (Reuters) – Mauritania on Thursday condemned a man to death for “insulting the prophet,” a human rights group said, a day after the country opened the trial of an[...]

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South Carolina Joins The Mob

3 White Officers In S.C. Indicted For Shooting Unarmed Black Men – Atlanta Blackstar While outrage over the police‚Äôs use of fatal force continues to gain momentum, grand juries in three separate cases in South Carolina have gone against the…[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Mars from a billion years ago B. Athena, scene from Star Wars X. C. Bowling ball emerging from its mold D. Earth from 4 billion years ago E. Planet X, first exo planet with signs of life      [...]