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Xmas Eve

Finally, the real singer of the most popular version of O Holy Night ever, reveals himself. Steve Mauldin proves he IS the real singer and you will know for sure he is NOT LIP SYNCING. Also, watch #7 Sumphunny, or download the new iTunes ringtone and hear “Fall On Your Knees” with every [...]

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LAPD cops mock Michael Brown

Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’ With a badass policeman And he’s bad, bad Michael Brown Baddest thug in the whole damn town Badder than old King Kong Meaner than a junkyard dog Two men took to fightin’ And Michael punched in through the door And Michael looked like s[...]

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Judge dismisses Sheriff Arpaio’s immigration lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against President Obama’s immigration policy filed by Joe Arpaia and his lawyer, Larry Klayman. This is a major legal defeat for two of America’s noisiest rightwing crackpots. But I’m sure they didn’t expect to win; this was a publicity[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Netanyahu in trouble

Likud comptroller disqualifies Netanyahu from Likud leadership race; PM likely to appeal Avigdor Lieberman, Ntanyahu’s far right Foreogn Secretary,  chastised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his strategy in talks with the Palestinians .  He warned Israel would face a “diplomatic [...]

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Fox Christmas

Merry Christmas from Fox.[...]

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SONY Cashes In. APPLE sides with North Korea

Apple reportedly nixed a deal to bring “The Interview” to iTunes despite a request from the White House. This adds support to reports here on The Ave that Cupertino and North Korea have been discussing collaborations including joint branding, development of products in North Korea. ̵[...]

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This is simply stupid.  Even if every other cop were a redneck who sleeps in a hooded sheet, this sort of disrespect for the two officers murdered in NY demeans the entire effort to reform police practices. The Ave has carried a lot about police thuggery as well the related issue of legal thuggery.[...]

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Plastic isn’t money. It’s only plastic.

Which means your plastic money works only if/when the card issuer wants it to. Banks will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s. It may be a good idea to keep enough cash on hand to pay for essentials like food and gas, because your credit or debit card might not work. Card issuers don’t[...]

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Dec 24th, The Geeks Learn of Jesus


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Bruce Willis, Hero of American Right, Bankrupts Russian Bank

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) said that a plan to loan Trust bank an amount of up to 30bn roubles (£343m) had been approved, while analysts warned that Russia’s banking sector had become particularly vulnerable. Trust bank has run a series of advertisements featuring actor Bruce Willis in Russ[...]