Fox affiliate caught faking “kill a cop” protest chant

What the protesters chanted: “We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Until the killer cops. Are in cell blocks.”

How Fox 45 in Baltimore cut, pasted, edited, and aired it:  “We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Kill a cop.”

The TV station has since apologized and pulled the clip. Which is what media liars usually do after they get caught red-handed at faking a news story.–Go-Kill-a-Cop-chant-a-Fake-Duplicitous-Editing-Job-by-Fox-Affiliate?detail=email#

(Note:  You may wonder whether this video clip sparked the New York police murders. The killer was from Baltimore, which is where this video clip was aired. I wondered about that, but it appears this video clip was broadcast yesterday, after the murders had been committed, so I don’t think we can say that Fox 45 has “blood on its hands.” But that doesn’t change the fact this was irresponsible and dishonest journalism, and if Fox 45 wants to retain any vestige of credibility, they need to fire whoever did this. )



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