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I Want This For My Birthday!


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Statistically, police work isn’t becoming more dangerous

And therefore there’s no apparent statistical reason for increased police use of deadly force. U.S. police officers killed in the line of duty: 2001 – 241 (including 60 in the Sept. 11 attacks) 2002 – 157 2003 – 150 2004 – 165 2005 – 163 2006 – 156 2007 [...]

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Through snow and hail, Israel delivers to the Mikvah on time.

from Vos iz Neias and ( During last year’s snow storms in Jerusalem, the Taharat Habait organization drove a special patrol jeep that picked up women upon request and drove them to the nearest mikveh. The Halacha (Jewish Law) strictly forbids postponing the i[...]

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A Wise Man Speaks Out

 Eric Adams: New Yorker, A Black Man, A Politician, and A Former Cop Stop the  protests  BED-STUY, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Speaking at a makeshift memorial at the scene where two NYPD officers were assassinated, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for Eric Garner protesters to hold off on future[...]

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How the Pope Helped End the Cuba Embargo As more details emerge about the watershed normalizing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, we’re learning more about the instrumental role that Pope Francis played in helping to bring American and Cuban leaders together.  [...]

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Don’t let Republicans and cop unions politicize police deaths!

Ex-New York governor George Pataki, a Republican, and Patrick Lynch, head of a New York City police union, launched into finger-pointing today by blaming yesterday’s assassination of two NYPD police officers by a deranged ex-felon on President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Mayor Bill de[...]

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  Shab-e Yalda: The solstice is also associated with the birth of Mithra, a yazata that has become strongly associated with the light of Ahura Mazda. The word yalda is actually Persian for “birth.” Yalda as Cultural Holiday: While the majority of Persians are now Muslims, Yalda is s[...]

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Cops Are People Too!

My message to OCCUPY today is that you should be demonstrating solidarity with the police.  They are people too. Looking on Facebook sites associated with OCCUPY, am I missing something?  I do not see any sign of horror at the murders of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos by a Ismaaiyl Brinsley[...]

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Sunday Revelations: The word of God … What color was Jesus?

Over at HorsesAss, I have  revealed that Megan Kelly was Wrong About Jesus The founder of HA, David Goldstein had posted this from the Torah: The wise Prophet Goldy has shown you the truth. The Torah speaks of My truth and   science allows us to use  Torah to solve an issue … What color was [&[...]

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