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I-594 Protest Speaker Was Bundy Ranch ‘Human Shield’ Advocate

Last Saturday, a few dozen “gun rights” supporters gathered in Olympia to protest I-594, the background check initiative passed by Washington voters last month. The crowd included members of the self-described “Lightfoot Militia,” a private paramilitary group based in Hayden[...]

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Republican Legal Thug Says CIA Perps Could be Charged

  John Yoo: If the Torture Report Is True, CIA Officers Are at Legal Risk By Conor Friedersdorf A surprising admission by an attorney who was instrumental in enabling the Bush Administration’s brutal interrogation practices[...]

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George Stinney Jr. was lynched by South Carolina

A judge has vacated the 1944 conviction of George Stinney Jr., in a ruling his trial was marred by “fundamental Constitutional violations of due process.” In fact, the 14-year-old black boy’s “trial” was a total sham. Stinney was blamed for the murders of two young whit[...]

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Rebels declare ceasefire in Colombia’s 50-year civil war

This is certainly a big day for foreign policy news! Marxist FARC rebels have declared an “indefinite” cease-fire in Colombia’s civil war that has been raging since 1964. The government, however, seems reluctant to negotiate. I’m not personall[...]

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Why Reagan won’t get on $20 bills

I’m not sure what you’ve gotta do to get your picture on our money. It helps to be a dead president; 9 of the people on the 12 denominations of U.S. paper currency are dead presidents. Two others are dead treasury secretaries. The odd man out is Benjamin Franklin, whose biggest claim to [...]

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CUBA: State newssite is slow….

Top story on Granma: Machado Ventura praises sugar harvest progress at Mayabeque mill During a meeting with directors and workers at the Boris Luis Santa Coloma mill, José Ramón Machado Ventura praises progress made in the sugar harvest in Mayabeque[...]

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Republican HYPOCRISY

High-Ranking McCain Staffer Lobbied For Repeal Of Cuba Sanctions Talking Points Memo | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics Read More: John McCain Cuba, Mccain Staffer Cuba Lobby, John Green Mcccain Staffer, Mccain Staffer Cuba, John Mccain Cuba Sanctions, Mccain Cuba Sanctions, Politics News A high-ranking[...]

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Obama Putin, The Chess Match

Russia begins mobilizing leftover reserves to save ruble The Russian Finance Ministry has begun selling its leftover currency reserves on the market, the ministry’s press office said Wednesday. Putin holds late-night talks on Ukraine with European leaders Russia’s President Vladimir Puti[...]

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Republicans Riot Over Recognition, I am Shocked, Shocked

Apparently the Republican Party does not realize that young Cubano Americans  want to normalize relations with Cuba: They also do not appreciate how much MONEY corporate America expects to make from Cuba as a customer: MEANWHILE THE CACOPHONY Washington – Marco Rubio Pledges To Block Efforts [...]

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The Still Secret Spy Released by Cuba.

Washington – In addition to Alan Gross, Cuba is releasing an unnamed American spy .  President Barack Obama says the U.S. spy Cuba is releasing is one of the most important intelligence agents the U.S. has ever had in Cuba. According to President Obama,  the man’s sacrifice is known only t[...]