• Chinazor Onianwah I had to abruptly take my leave yesterday for a meeting. Now comes Mr. Stephen Schwartz. Quite an interesting guy. First he wants us to believe that the Ashkenazim in America is the validation of Jewish DNA. The Ashkenazim in America came via Russia fleeing the pogroms in the early 1909 onwards. They had a choice to join the Zion train heading towards Palestine but they were not quite as rabid, so they settled for good old USA and I must give them credit, they settled in hollywood because they were despised by same old white gentiles, and now they’ve cornered hollywood, the media the banks disseminating false biblical narratives to assert themselves into the promised land hoping that if they keep making movies like Noah, Exodus, the rest of us would accept it as fact. No Sir. The only place that the Ashkenazi holds sway is the US Congress. If you don’t play by their rules, they will fund your opponent. Every senator and every congressman knows that. By 2015, most countries in the world would recognize Palestine as a State.
  • Chinazor Onianwah Speaking of DNA, Mr. Stephen Schwartz left out the Africans. The children of Ham. When God called Abraham from Ur to relocate to Canaan, the land that belonged to the son of Ham. This Chinazor Onianwah's photo.was 10 generations after the flood (400 years). The sons of Japheth had already relocated in the Caucasus. The only children of Noah present in the Promised Land were the children of Ham and Shem (Shemites or Semites). And now Mr. Stephen Schwartz as typical of the Zionists has surreptitiously mixed Ashkenazim DNA with that of Sephardim. If that is the case why the racism towards your own blood? By the way, since you asked for evidence, how about this map showing the true picture of the landscape in the Middle East after the flood. One prominent son of Noah is conspicuously missing. Guess which one?

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