New (Re)Public RIP

TNR RIP Mike James from Facebook

Addendum to The New Republic shakeup – editors and writers resigning after kid owner (Chris Hughes of Facebook millions) brings in new boss who says he’s into “breaking shit” and imagines the old and honorable mag as a “vertically integrated digital media company.”
The New Republic? A “vertically integrated ” whatever? Oops….

However, talking with NYTimes’ Joe Nocera, new boss Guy Vidra says there’ll be no compromise re the serious, thoughtful, culturally aware, etc. century-longy identity of the New Republic, but he wants it more like Vox Media, whatever that is.

So, Nocera pokes around:

“I went to the Vox website. I scrolled down until I saw a headline that stopped me cold.
“Everybody farts,” it read. “But here are 9 surprising facts about flatulence you may not know.”

Goodbye, New Republic.”

Yes, readers did not go to The New Republic to learn facts about farting.

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