Slur of the Day: What do the Aussies call their Honkeys?

Pom, Pohm, Pommy, Pommie, Pommie Grant
(AUS/NZ/SA) a British (usually English) immigrant. Some claim it derives from “Prisoner of Mother England” or “Prisoner of Her Majesty”, but it probably derives from pomegranate, rhyming slang for “immigrant”.[153] It is often used irreverently and is usually considered offensive. Many such migrants to Australia, such as Prime Minister Julia Gillard, call themselves “ten pound poms”, because they paid ten pounds for their passage to Australia between 1945 and 1972 under an assisted migration scheme. Often combined with an adjective, particularly whingeing pom, a reference to migrants who complained about their adopted country. Often used in a sporting (especially cricket and rugby) context, with liberal use of ‘pom’ and ‘Aussie’ being used by the media; the term is often seen as unoffensive in this context, and instead as light-hearted banter by those who use it, but still possibly as offensive by those whom it is directed at[citation needed].

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