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New Comic Joins John Stewart Show


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Marc Cuban Backs Out of Seattle’s Art Cinema

CAPITAL HILL BLOG:  Capitol Hill’s Harvard Exit Theatre to close based n article  by Bryan Cohen After nearly 40 years, the Harvard Exit Theatre will go dark this January.  Landmark Theatres, belonging to TV Shark Marc Cuban,  confirmed to CHS Monday that the company would cease screenings [...]

December 2nd, 2014 - 1:07 pm § in America

Ferguson Police Want To Prosecute Michael Brown’s Stepfather For Being Angry

Never ones to leave well enough alone, “Authorities are investigating whether Michael Brown’s stepfather intended to incite a riot last week when he urged a crowd in Ferguson, Missouri, to ‘Burn this bitch down’ after the grand jury’s decision was announced, the city[...]

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Slur of the Day: Synonym for “Honkey”

Peckerwood a slur that was used through the mid 20th century by southern African Americans and upper class whites used to describe poor rural whites. It is still used mostly by African Americans against White people.[...]

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Slur of the Day: What do the Aussies call their Honkeys?

Pom, Pohm, Pommy, Pommie, Pommie Grant (AUS/NZ/SA) a British (usually English) immigrant. Some claim it derives from “Prisoner of Mother England” or “Prisoner of Her Majesty”, but it probably derives from pomegranate, rhyming slang for “immigrant”.[153] It is ofte[...]

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Race is an issue in these killings but is wrong to blame the “white” cop.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo is the cop who strangled Eric Garner to death when Garner, an African American, resisted arrest for the minor crime of selling cigarettes at 75 cents per.   Officer Pantaleo was brought before a grand jury that decided it had no case because the officer was acting within hi[...]

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Is Adam Smith the Next SoD?

 Congressman Smith may be the last viable person who wanted  the job!   UNLESS …Obama settles for one more bureaucrat.   .. the leaks say he will. CLICK THE IMAGE[...]