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St. Louis prosecutor charges cop for hitting suspect with baton

Didn’t need a grand jury for this one: “In the turbulent aftermath of a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the August killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the public has once more cast a jaundiced eye at Bob McCulloch, the controver[...]

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UW Creates Ebola Mice


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Maybe not God, but A One World Genome?

Widespread Horizontal Gene Transfer from Double-Stranded RNA Viruses to Eukaryotic Nuclear Genomes▿† Huiquan Liu1,2, Yanping Fu2, Daohong Jiang1,2,*, Guoqing Li1,2, Jiatao Xie2, Jiasen Cheng2, Youliang Peng3, Said A. Ghabrial4 and Xianhong Yi2 + Author Affiliations 1State Key Laboratory of Agric[...]

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GOP Takes Revenge Against Obama By Screwing The Working Poor

“With negotiators nearing an accord on permanent tax breaks for businesses worth $440 billion over 10 years, President Obama … promised a veto. … Left off were … a permanently expanded earned-income credit and a child tax credit for the working poor. Friday night, Republic[...]

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How To Avoid Being Killed By Police

(Source: Daily Kos)  [...]

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Don’t Raise Your Hands!

At least not in St. Louis, because that will piss off the cops: “The St. Louis Police Officers Association has called on the NFL to publicly apologize and discipline the five Rams players who stood with their hands raised before Sunday’s game. … The officers’ association [...]

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Scientists revolt against one of Europe’s most ambitious research projects

  Dissenters are threatening to boycott a $1.6 billion attempt to simulate the brain’s workings. from the Global Post:   — If it’s true, as the saying goes, that politics in academia are especially vicious because the stakes are so low, raising the ante doesn’t always seem to improve [...]

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Congress creates its own science

If you don’t like what science says, just pass a law that makes the earth flat. Then it’ll be flat, it’s as simple as that.  [...]

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Bill Zimmer   Obama is a race baiter too. The Revolution  Give Freedom From Tyranny a LIKE!!![...]

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CHINA: Hong Kong

Hong Kong protesters defy retreat orders Hong Kong police drive out pro-democracy protesters in violent clashes HONG KONG – Thousands of pro-democracy activists forced a temporary closure of the Hong Kong government’s headquarters after they clashed with police, defying orders to retreat[...]