Serial Killer Endorses Candidate Who Used Him For Attack Ad

A GOP group’s attempt to smear a Democratic candidate using a Willie Horton-type attack ad backfired when the convict featured in the ad endorsed the Republican candidate the group is backing:

Convicted killer Nikko Jenkins offered his take on the race in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District at a hearing to determine his mental status Wednesday.¬†Jenkins, 28, shouted “Hey you guys, vote for Lee Terry! Best Republican ever!”

Looks like payback to me. As for how Mr. Terry feels about it, his campaign manager told the media:

“We’re not going to comment on the ranting of a serial killer who never should have gotten out of prison in the first place. This man does not deserve one more second of publicity, which is why we refused to use his name or face in any of the ads our campaign produced.”

Hmmm. I wonder if it occurs to him that Jenkins would’ve gotten no publicity if the Republican National Campaign Committee hadn’t run their sleazyRoger Rabbit icon attack ad in the first place. (While RNCC, not Terry, ran the ad it defies belief he couldn’t have stopped it with a phone call.) I suspect the horse is already out of the barn on this one.

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