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Why Do So Many Republicans Commit Voting Fraud?

Voting fraud is rare in America. All reputable studies confirm this. So we’re speaking in relative terms. Most people, whether Democrats or Republicans, don’t vote on other people’s ballots, vote more than once, etc. But, though rare, it does occasionally happen. This article exami[...]

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About Anthony Washington

Last Fall, THE Ave ran a post by a UW Husky, a student athlete whose career in Basketball failed.   Now Anthony writes about trying to live on the wage he is paid as a UW cook. Anthony Washington was once described as the next big thing for Husky Basketball.  With great PR in the Seattle media, [...]

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Are You Reading The Seattle Times, Or Is The FBI Reading Your Computer?

The goal was laudable enough: Catch a hacker emailing bomb threats to an Olympia-area high school. And the FBI did get their man, er, boy. (The perp was a 15-year-old.) That was in 2007, seven years ago, when a different sheriff was running the Department of Justice, the FBI’s parent organizat[...]

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How Pro Gun Ads Make Me Want To Trust Them