BRANDEIS: A Failure of Honor as a Pakistani woman is stoned to death

The politically correct administration at Brandeis must share in the blame for this “honor” killing. 

A 25-year-old  pregnant Pakistani woman was stoned to death  in front of a courthouse last July,  She was killed by her father and brothers because she had insulted the family by marrying without their consent.

Honor killings are common in Pakistan, the extremely public nature of this one has many shocked within the country, especially because the killing occurred in a public place.

.The Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights group in Pakistan, estimates that 1,000 Pakistani women are killed every year by their families.   Of course it was just such an issue that Brandeis ignored when it withheld an honorary degree from Ayan Hirsii Ali for her campaign against this form of Islam. Meanwhile, during Hamas grotesque sacrifice of innocent Palestinians in the name of Islamic irredentism, were there any Muslim leaders who condemned the fanatics in Gaza?


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